What is Whois and Uses of Whois | Whois Lookup Whois Domain

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What is Whois we discuss here about Whois, Whois Lookup, whois domain, and domain name registration? Do you know what is Whois? If you are an internet user or have a website, if you buy a domain, then we are sure that you must have heard about Whois at some point or the other. But what is Whois? If you do not know, then as the name suggests, it gives information about “who”. Whois is a very widely used Internet record listing that identifies who owns the domain and how they can be contacted.

You may have heard or even used the name Whois. But if you do not know anything about Whois, then today in this post you will get information about what is Whois, why it is used, what can be known from it, what are the benefits of using it, and what is WhoisGuard.

Many bad people use whois for social engineering because it also contains the personal details of the domain name owner.

What is Whois

What is Whois and Uses of Whois | Whois Lookup Whois Domain

Whois is an online protocol or an online website, with the help of which we can get information about the owner of any domain name, the validity of the domain, etc.

Through Whois, we can get complete information related to the domain and its sub-domain, etc., which a user needs. Whois also tells you whether the domain you are searching for is available or not. If that domain is not available then you will show “No Match” in the search result.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulates domain name registration and ownership. Whois records have proved themselves that they are very useful and have emerged as a very essential resource for maintaining the integrity of domain name registration as well as the website ownership process.

Why Use Whois?

Whois is used to detect malware containing domains, fraud domains, credit card fraud, fraud entries, Fraud DNS, etc. Through Whois, we can get real information related to the domain, which makes the user’s confident about the domain. The user gets to know whether the domain is correct or not and he also gets all the information related to it.

What is Whois Record?

WHOIS records vary among registrars, but they all keep all the mandatory information. It includes many things such as the name of the registrar, created date, updated date, and expiration date of a domain name. They also list name servers.

Three contacts are also included in this – registrant, admin, and technical contacts. This information, which is provided during registration, consists of a name, organization (if applicable), address, phone number, and email address. In many cases, this information is duplicated across all three contacts, although they all have different information.

What Can We Know From Water Whois?

Through Whois, we can find out the following things :

  • In whose name is the domain and who is its owner.
  • How long is the validity of the domain?
  • When was the domain registered?
  • Domain Owner’s Contact Information.
  • Which server is the domain on?
  • What is the name server of the domain?
  • What is the IP address of the domain?
  • When was the domain updated?
  • What is the status of the domain?
  • About the organization of the domain, city, state, etc.

How to Use Whois?

If you work on the Internet, then many times some such website comes in front of you, about which you want to know whose website is this or the domain that has been purchased is registered in whose name. The way to know in whose name the domain is registered is quite easy but many people do not know it.

First of all, you go to the website named www.whois.com.

What is Whois and Uses of Whois | Whois Lookup Whois Domain

Now a search bar comes in which Whois is written on the side, there you have to write the name of the domain.

As soon as you search on it, all the details related to that domain will come in front of you.

In the details, you will get to know the details like Register Site, Domain Expiry Date, Name Server etc.

In this, you are registered on the domain name and what is its mobile number, you can also see the details. But the Domain Owner has made it private or not.

Apart from all these details, many details are also visible in it, which you can see according to your need.

What is WhoisGuard?

As we have told you that Whois contains all the information related to your website, due to which hackers get all this information and can attack our website. But if you want that your private information is not visible in the Whois database, then you can take the help of WhoisGuard.

Basically, WhoisGuard protects your personal information from being displayed in the public database of Whois. WhoisGuard puts its own data in the public database of Whois so that no one’s personal information is shown to spammers.

What is WhoisGuard?
Whenever a person mails you with information from Whois, first that mail will go to WhoisGuard and he will check it if there is spam in it and when he is satisfied, will forward that mail to your original mail address. Many domain giving companies ask you to take its privacy.

There are many ways to know the information from the whois database such as: –

1. By command line:-

Through the command line, we will use the command given below to extract website information using Whois.

First of all, we will open the terminal of the Kali Linux operating system and then write the command given below

command:- whois website name

for example:- whois www.google.com

2. By Whois Lookup:-

To extract the information of a website through an online service, you will find many online websites, one of which is Whois Lookup.
First of all type in google whois lookup then click on the link given in the picture below.Google Search

Then a page of the whois lookup website will open in front of you, then search by typing the URL of the website whose information is to be removed.

by Whois Lookup :-

3. From Whois Tools:-

You will find many tools to extract the information of a website, one of which is SmartWhois.
First of all, you have to download this tool from Google.
After downloading, you can install the tool and do it.

The benefit to Use Whois

1. Maintain Domain Name

If you want to take a new domain name, then you can search your domain with the help of this website whether it is available or not. If it is not available then your No Match will show and you can buy that domain.

The biggest advantage of this is that if you have a business, then you can search the domain related to your domain so that you can know the competition in the market.

2. Domain Name Registration Issue Solving

Many times we forget the information related to our domain and in such a situation, when we need it, then it becomes difficult for us to find them and such Whois helps a lot. It gives you the registration date, expiry date, and registration information of the domain name, which is very useful for you.

3. Security Issue

Many times there is an attack on our website, so when we take the help of Cyber Security, then with the help of Whois tool, it extracts the information of our website and corrects our website. In such a situation, Whois provides security to our website.

4. Network Information

Many times we need network information like DNS, Name Servers, etc., then we can easily get all this information with the help of Whois.

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