Instagram Conversion Tips to Convert IG Followers into Buyers

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Instagram Conversion Tips to Convert IG Followers into Buyers Instagram conversions are easier than you think. All you need to do is get into the right daily habits and you’ll see more followers and higher conversion rates. These seven tips will save you time on Instagram and improve your conversions.

Instagram Conversion Tips to Convert IG Followers into Buyers

#1 Check Your Notifications
Whenever you open the Instagram app the first you should do is check your notifications. Think of it like unread emails or mail. If you ignore Instagram notifications than you’re missing out on chances to connect with your engaged followers.

I always check my Instagram Story mentions first. It only takes a few moments, but it makes a big impact in showing people that you want to build relationships on Instagram. 

People will really appreciate that you took the time to respond, and they’ll be more likely to engage with your content in the future.

Ninja tip: Aim to reply to notifications within one hour – avoid posting and dashing. This will ensure your conversions don’t get stale. Believe it or not, this also helps with the algorithm.

#2 Move Good Conversations Into The Instagram Direct Messenger
Your Instagram comments should be more than a one-way conversation, so you’re making the most of these potential conversions! For example, if you launch a new product or special promotion, then look at your Instagram comments as a chance to have individual conversations.

But instead of leaving these conversations limited to your Instagram post comments use the Instagram Direct Message to make it deeper. You can even send a video or voice memo reply to make it more personal.

For example, when I saw that Natalia was loving my Instagram tips and tricks I wanted to make sure she knew that I was always willing to answer questions. That sparked a great conversation in the Instagram Direct Message that we’re continuing to build on.

#3 Celebrate New Followers With An Instagram Direct Message
The world of Instagram can seem crowded, and when it comes to standing out from your competition, kind gestures can go a long way. Reaching out to new followers with a simple “welcome” reminds people that you’re more than a business or brand – you’re trying to make real human connections.

Take for example this Instagram Direct Message I typically share with my new Instagram followers. Not only does it welcome them to the community, but I also include a link so they can grab my free Instagram Strategy Guide.

Plus, back to the Instagram algorithm, when people consistently engage with your content they’re more likely to see your posts and Instagram Stories. When I see a new follower pop up on my account, I try to send a photo and a welcome note with good vibes.

#4 Stay Curious On Instagram
Falling into the Instagram trap of mindlessly scrolling is easy. That’s why it’s important that you build good Instagram habits so you’re always making the best use of your time. If you find yourself tumbling down the Instagram rabbit hole, take a step back and think about the behaviors you’re seeing on Instagram.

That could include asking yourself:

– What’s making you stop in your scroll?

– Which content is inspiring people to comment and connect?

– How can you implement these strategies on your Instagram?

Take a look at what Francie is doing with her Instagram account, for example. She’s getting up close and personal teaching her followers delicious vegan recipes.

Francie stands behind her kitchen counter next to an Insta-Pot.

Bottom line: Take a few minutes every day to be a student.

#5 Leave Long, Stylized Comments
I’m the first to admit that I love emojis. But, if we’re honest, there are times when my favorite bee emoji or hearts just won’t do it. It’s difficult for people to respond to short comments. That’s why I suggest leaving a long, stylized comment.

Plus, with a long comment to respond to, you’re also opening more opportunities for other people to join the conversation. You can also stand out in the comment thread.

#6 Share Your Instagram Photos Directly With Your Followers
Now let’s talk about sharing your content directly with your followers. This is one of the easiest ways to get your Instagram posts and Stories in front of the followers you’re closest with. All you need to do is tap the paper airplane icon under the Instagram post.

Then, you can share the content with up to 50 different accounts, including an Instagram group. But that doesn’t mean you should spam people with random content. Think about the people in your inner circle. Before you share ask yourself:

Are they going to appreciate it?
Why is this content relevant to them?
Just like your Instagram account content, every post you send to your followers should offer them value.

#7 Help People With A Mindset Shift
If you’re approaching Instagram as a place to sell, sell, sell you’re missing out on valuable connections – it’s time for a mindset shift. Instead of using Instagram as a marketplace, leverage it as a place for inspiration.

Reach out to your followers with inspirational or motivational quotes. For example, I knew that this graphic would be a perfect fit for my followers 65+. A quick note was all it took for these followers to know I was thinking about them and sending them a nudge of positivity.

Ninja Tip: Save Time With A Quick Reply.
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