How to Send Mail in Gmail | How to Send Email from Mobile

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how to send email from mobile how to send message in gmail how to send queued mail in gmail
This article explains how to send mail in Gmail, how to send a letter in the mail, how to mail a letter, how you can control who can send mail on your behalf if you have a Gmail account, and why you might want to do that, and how to stop people from sending email messages on your behalf.
Due to changes to Gmail and Google Accounts over the recent years, some of her well-known blog articles are no longer applicable. The three most used articles have been updated here to be consistent with the current version of Gmail and in some cases, Google Account. This will keep them useful going forward as a tribute to her dedication to user education.
Google Workspace promises to give users “everything they need to get anything done, in one place.” That’s Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and everything else where you need them. Being productivity buffs, this piqued our interest. We took a look at exactly what this means for the processes we need.

how to send mail in Gmail how to send email from mobile

1. Open Gmail in a browser.
how to send mail in gmail how to send email from mobile

3. Enter mail or phone number.
4. Enter your Gmail password.
how to send mail in gmail how to send email from mobile
5. On the left, click Compose.
how to send mail in gmail how to send email from mobile
6. (Optional) To change your window size, in the upper corner, click Maximize “Maximize Icon” or Exit full-screen Full Screen.
7. Add recipients and a subject.
5 Enter your message. Emails you start writing but don’t send are automatically saved in Drafts on the left.
6 (Optional) Add attachments, such as Drive files Google Drive Icon Insert file using Drive or photos image icon.
7 Click Send.

See New Email

Unread emails are bold. To open an email, click it.
By default, replies to emails are grouped into conversations. Keeping all emails together in a thread makes it easier to keep track of them and saves space in your inbox.

If you prefer to separate your existing email from future email, you can turn off conversation view.

  • Turn off conversation view:
  • At the top right, click Settings “Setting Log“.
  • To group or ungroup emails with the same topic together, scroll down to Email Threading and check the Conversation view box on or off.

Reply to Email

1 To reply to a single email or the last email in a thread, click Reply “Reply icon” .
2 To reply to an email within a thread, click Reply all “reply all icon“.
3 To forward a single email or the last email in a thread, click Forward “Forward icon” .
4 To forward an email within a thread, click More More Forward icon Forward.
5 To see previous email in a thread, click Show trimmed content °°°.
6 To forward an entire conversation, at the top, click More More Forward icon Forward all.
7 To use a Smart Reply, at the bottom of the email, click a suggested reply. You can then edit the email before sending it.

4 Change recipients or subjects

Add and remove recipients:
From an open email, click a recipient’s address.
To add more recipients, type their email addresses.
To remove recipients, next to their email address, click Remove “”.
Tip: To add someone in the body of an email, type + and the person’s name.

Edit an email subject:
Next to Type of response Reply icon, click the Down arrow Drop down down arrow icon 〉 subject.
Enter a new subject.

5 Save and print attachments

When someone sends you an attachment, such as a photo or document, you see a preview of the attachment in the email.
See a full-screen view and print: Click the attachment to open a full-screen view. To print, click Print print icon .
Download an image or save it to Drive: Point to the preview and click Download download icon or Save to Drive Google Drive Icon.
You can quickly add images and attachments to your email by dragging them from your desktop to your Gmail compose window, or drag pictures and attachments from your email to your desktop if you want to download them.

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