How to Get Followers on Instagram | How to Grow Instagram Followers

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How to Get Followers on Instagram Instagram will have more than 1 billion monthly active users by 2022. So all Instagram users want to know how to grow Instagram followers. More than 500 million people use the site daily. 60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29. This research indicates that Instagram is an excellent tool for marketers looking to target younger people. Organic reach and marketing are two themes that have a significant presence in Instagram analytics data. We intended to write about ways to how to get followers on Instagram. You may learn and implement how to obtain followers on Instagram in five steps by reading the articles we have prepared for you right now. how to gain followers on Instagram.

how to get followers on Instagram Tips to how to grow Instagram followers

Location Notifications Are More Important Than You Think!

One of the ways to gain organic followers on Instagram is to make location notifications in our content posts. Content shared by users on Instagram is indexed according to location notifications, just like hashtags. This allows all content indexed based on location to be seen and interacted with by other users. Accordingly, making location notifications according to the type of content you share increases the interaction rate of the content by 13%. The most important point that you should pay attention to when making location notifications is to make a more specific location notification rather than a location notification. The number of posts in the locations that we can describe as general will be very high, and it is unlikely to be searched by users. Considering these two points, in order to gain organic followers on Instagram, making small and special location notifications will increase your interaction rate since the number of posts is less but the relevance rates are higher.

Use All Content Types (Post-Story-Reels- IGTV,-Live)

The revenue models of free social media apps like Instagram are ad-based. Although users think that they are using the application without any payment, the advertisements they are exposed to while using the application actually directly affect many purchasing decisions. Keren Elazari, a cyber security expert, tried to explain the business model of social media companies by saying “if you don’t pay a fee for the service you receive, you are actually the product”. As I mentioned at the beginning, the income models of social media applications that you can use for free are based on advertising, and therefore they make all their developments on increasing the screen time and interaction of their users to show the advertisements of their customers to more users.

For this reason, if you want to grow by gaining followers on Instagram, you will see that using all types of content used on Instagram, even if not at the same level, at a certain frequency will be beneficial for you to gain followers. Remember, Instagram wants to increase the interaction and screen time of its users. For this reason, you will feel that Instagram makes you stand out more and your interactions increase because you use the newly developed products for the purpose of Instagram.

Using Giveaways

Another way to gain followers on Instagram is to organize sweepstakes with small conditions (following, liking, tagging friends) that will increase your interaction with products or services that are suitable for the needs of your audience and will make them happy financially or morally. Although not very often, organizing raffles in which you give products or services that will enable you to understand the needs of your audience and establish emotional bonds with them will increase your follower count and interaction rate.

Interact With Your Followers

Another point that is as important as gaining followers on Instagram is the interaction rate. In other words, how relevant your audience is to the content you produce or your products/services. In this sense, in order to increase your interaction rate, responding to the comments made by your followers on your content and the messages they send to you will also fall into the discover section of your content and make it visible to users who have never followed you. Responding to a comment made by your audience with at least 24 letters within 10 minutes to a content you have just shared increases the chance of your content being included in the discovery and get more interaction, as it is perceived positively by the Instagram algorithm.

Interact with Your Target Audience and Similar Content Before and After Your Posts

Before and after sharing your posts, search for the hashtags you have determined for your own posts and like the latest posts using those hashtags. With this process, you send notifications to active Instagram users who are using the same hashtags as you. In this way, by interacting with people who have no knowledge of you but who may have the same interest, you inform yourself and pave the way for them to become your followers by visiting your profile.

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