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downloader for Instagram Instagram has really come really far. In the year 2010, it was only available for IOS devices. Now, it is having around 250 million users every month visiting them, and it makes them one of the most famous social networking programs and sites. Instagram’s market hangs on video and picture sharing. Its principal focus has always been to give users the capability to tell their stories through dynamic and static pictures; the accompanying caption text is secondary.

Downloader for Instagram

Nonetheless, consumers are only allowed to see but not save the content that they like on Instagram. This compels Instagram to be an almost ever-present conduit that assesses how you see and flow content. If you would like to download Instagram photos or videos, do you always have the option to take a screenshot or record your phone display? These aren’t too sophisticated methods though.

What if you want to save pictures in the quality and resolution they had been uploaded? Well, like many things, there’s an Instagram video/photo downloader app for this, as a matter of fact, there is more than just one and we’ll be showcasing some of the finest inside this list.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where people share photos or videos with their friends and also connect with each other by chat. Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing images and photos and mostly celebrities, politicians, business people, and YouTubers are on Instagram, and it is going popular day by day.

Instagram have several types of video and images which are published by its users and lots of creators on Instagram make a video on several topics like tech, music, entertainment, education, etc.

Some of the creators of Instagram provides tutorial-based video on IGTV and also on their feed which is useful for lots of audiences and helps them to learn new skills freely.

Instagram users can like, comment on photos or video of their friend’s post, and Instagram are also popular for using hashtags. Instagram allows the user to create an account using an Instagram service that is older than 13 years.

Instagram Video Download

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms between teens and young adults and Instagram has a different identity in comparison with other social media platforms.

When you are scrolling your Instagram feed and you have found some interesting Instagram videos and you think, I wish I could save them in my phone gallery and watch them offline when I want, but Instagram directly did not allow you to download any of Instagram Video.

So, To solve this problem, we introduced the Instagram Video Downloader by InstaFinsta. We designed this tool with understanding each prospectus of our users where you quickly, safely, fastly, and anonymously download Instagram videos.

This tool is a web-based tool so you did not worry about downloading any additional app on your mobile phone. So, we also secure your phone from harmful apps or also save your smartphone storage.

The best part of this tool is that you will download Instagram videos without entering your personal login details because we use Instagram API so we provide direct provide downloads from Instagram. So, you did not need to create an account here for downloading Instagram videos. So, no need to log in or signup here for Instagram Video Download.

The tool is 100% free for a lifetime, we did not charge anything to you for downloading videos on Instagram. We just provided you best services and an easy way of downloading your Instagram Video.

Before downloading a video from Instagram you must have a link to that video which you want to download and paste that video link in the Instagram video downloader input box (we describe in brief in this blog the way to copy your video link.

Key Feature of Instagram video downloader:

  • Free, Fast & Secure tool for any Instagram Video Downloading.
  • No need to download an additional app.
  • No need to create an account for downloading videos.
  • No need to share your login or signup details.
  • Download Instagram video on any device like (Mobile Phone, iPhone, Tablet, Pc.)
  • Download IG video in original quality.
  • You can also download IGTV videos, Photos, and Feed videos.

How to Download Instagram Video?

Instagram downloader tool is providing very simple Instagram video downloading in only just 2 steps but before following these instructions:

  1. Copy the link to that video that you want to download.
  2. Open (in your web browser).
  3. Paste the video link in the Instagram video downloader input box.
  4. Now your video will be synchronized automatically.
  5. Click on the Download button to process your video downloading.
  6. That’s all! Your video will be downloaded. How simple it is!

Copy Link for Download Video Instagram?

Copying the link of the video which you want to download is a very simple process just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Choose the video which you want to download
  3. Click on the 3 dots.
  4. Popup open, Now click on Copy Link
  5. Hurray! Your Instagram video downloading link is copied.

Instagram Video Downloader Aim?

There are lots of social media platforms on the internet but Instagram has a slightly different image in platforms from all of them. Instagram is one of the most favorite platforms for users and marketers because creators on Instagram have to provide rich content that is useful, attractive, funny, motivational, etc.

On Instagram, there are lots of good creators who share some cool kinds of content in the interest of Inspirational, Funny, Love, Educational and many more and sometimes we need to download it for own self for our own help or want to share with our friends, family, cousins, girlfriend & boyfriend, etc. But the same situation there, there is no option to directly download.

We understand very well and sometimes we face the same problem then suddenly the idea comes that like me other users are also facing the same problem then we decided to make the Instagram Video Downloader tool which provides Instagram Video downloading to the users in a safe, secure, or anonymously way.

We also decided that users always never download the additional app for video downloading so, we introduce the web tool which provides you with Instagram video downloading without any additional app download and we launch our web tool for Instagram downloading.

Downloader for Instagram for Android Mobile

Inst Download has a very unique interface for users that looks similar in looks to the Instagram app. Its low-sized Instagram video downloader app doesn’t have any ads or promotions. Although it is quite straightforward to use, it gives the user a useful guide about how best to download Instagram videos and photos onto Android, so as to make sure downloading your own pics and videos appeared as smooth as possible.

In comparison to any other Instagram downloader apps or applications, this application has allowed you to preview any picture or video you want to download or you’re downloading. Additionally, it allows you to get the default Instagram URL or open URLs straight in Instagram. Another feature it lacks for the greater is background services. You simply have to copy and paste your URL right into the application and it does the rest of the work.

Video Downloader offers the user an easy and easy-to-use interface. You can copy hashtags from any user’s Instagram posts. You’ve multiple options to download photos or videos from Instagram. With many features, this program also allows you to downloader for Instagram or save Instagram photos. You can also use this program to repost pictures and videos on Instagram.

The app comes in more than 20 languages. It is possible to set where you would like to download the videos or images on your mobile phone. The programmers are very open to communication. It’s possible to request new features or give them comments. We highly recommend this app.

Previously called Instasave, QuickSave has a lively user interface with a color palette that’s almost equal to Instagram’s. Although simple to work with, it provides you with an extensive guide that may be accessed inside the application. If this is not enough then you can always see the demo videos on Youtube.

Quicksave includes a service that monitors Instagram along with your clipboard for links and shares. You can opt to begin and stop the support when you desire. Not only can you download several videos and images out of Instagram but you may also talk about and re-arrange them. Quicksave also comes with an autosave functionality. Regrettably, it includes advertisements. You could always upgrade to the premium version if you wish to encourage the developers.

FastSave works similarly to QuickSave. You may go as far as stating that FastSave is a QuickSave doppelganger but there are a few differences. FastSave supplies you with a truly stunning user interface that is both eye-catching and glossy. It permits you to launch Instagram while giving you a service that monitors your clipboard in addition to IG.

It delegates a section where you can peruse your saved files. It separates this segment into two parts for videos and graphics. You may edit and rename documents here. You can also play videos directly from the program. Unfortunately, it includes advertisements and they are not too inconspicuous.

The user interface of Saver Reposter may seem clunky and cluttered but it will get the work done regardless. Saver includes an auto-detect function that detects URLs in the clipboard. If some of those URLs are Instagram URLs subsequently Saver downloads Instagram photos and videos mechanically.

Users may choose whether or not they need Saver to display a shortcut from the telling bar. Saver supplies users with a simple help guide to make sure that utilizing the program is as easy as possible. In addition, it has a download management display. Unfortunately, Saver has some quite intrusive advertisements. Despite this, it’s still worth the download.


Considering that Instagram nevertheless has limits, there’ll always be a need for third-party software that permits you to see, share, article, and download videos and photos on Instagram. If you want to add to it and point out any blind areas, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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