15+ YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

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15+ YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face The whole youth of India want to earn money online. There are many ways to earn money in India and the best and the most popular way is YouTube. The popularity of YouTube regularly increases. Mainly people make YouTube channels or YouTube videos for popularity or in cases, people want to earn without showing their face. It means that some people don’t want popularity; they only want to spread knowledge or entertain people and earn money for their own needs or family needs.

When YouTube was launched it was not a platform to earn money or not to spread knowledge it is only for entertaining each other. But after some time people start uploading knowledgeable videos. And then after some time YouTube is owned by google or starts placing ads on video and giving income to channel owners. Then that’s YouTube becoming the world Biggest platform to earn money through your video. Soon, websites like YouTubeStorm were created to help users grow their channels.

15+ YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Before two to three years ago the competition in YouTube was very low compared to now, but after some time the competition rate continuously increases and today the completion rate is very high. And the YouTuber strategy was also changed; they use technology to earn money from YouTube. Just like 3D animation video, dubbing video, and many more ideas to earn money from youtube.

Education channel

Due to COVID-19 the schools or coaching was closed or the Education of children Was affected. Many big educational institutes start many courses. but they get a high fee. but many do not understand the language of these teachers. then these students have only one option Youtube because youtube allows everyone to watch any type of video on video. many students learn from Youtube and many Youtube channels present on youtube provide the best video to students. And this is the best channel idea without showing your face.

You can also start your own teaching youtube channel through your knowledge. Due to COVID- 19 the growth rate of education youtube channels increase regularly. the youtube channels present on youtube which has millions of subscribers the examples are- physics wallah.

Experiment channel

Experiment channel means science experiment or technical experiment. Some YouTube channels in India do Science experiments and they get millions of views or earn a lot of money from these experiments. The Experiment related to education and the experiment level is 10 to 12 class.

You Can start with some small science experiments just like lens zooming, Air pressure. Or if you do not want to make videos on these experiments. Then you can make projects just like the solar system, Aquasystem, and many other science products available in books of students you can try to do. And this is the best channel idea without showing your face..

Some Science experiment channels in India are. They have a team of 4 to 5 people. They also do unnecessary experiments to get views or earn more money just like an explosion, big crackers burning, and much other useful content also available on YouTube on these channels.

News channel

The growth rate of News channels is very fast in India compare other YouTube channel because peoples want get information about the country, state and about its city. And the CTR (click through rate) is also high all most 10%. Click through rate means the no. of click on video on every per 100 impression. In news channels there is no need to show your face. You can only show videos of leaders, places and other things.

Many companies provide Templates for News channels but these templates are paid for. And this is the best channel idea without showing your face.

If you want to grow your channel rapidly then you must make news on special city or special state or if you want to tells news about whole country or whole world then you can easily do it. Or you can also target one special language which is registered on YouTube privacy policy.

Tutorial video

Due to the expansion of the internet or the world, many new things come into work. Some are very big or some very small but all things are necessary for us or for our future. Some examples are blogging, video making, and many more. The things which we discussed below according to subcategory are all necessary.

Tutorials are the way to teach others about any app, or any online or offline work. tutorials are divided into many subcategories according to work. Let us discuss the subcategory of the tutorial.

Apps tutorial

App tutorial is the first subcategory of the tutorial. the many apps present on the internet or daily many new apps created. Most of them don’t know how to use these apps. You can guide people on how to use these apps by your youtube video. Many app companies give referral codes to earn money. You can earn money by sharing these referral codes in your video.

Some big Android phone apps which give you referral codes are – RozZan, sharechat, messho, and many more. For making apps, the most necessary thing is that you have a lot of knowledge about apps or their problems and solutions.

YouTube tutorial

You can watch youtube tutorials on youtube. It is the easiest way to boost your youtube channel or youtube videos. It works only if you have knowledge about youtube, youtube SEO, how to gain subscribers, and many more. And it works only if your channel is in the right position. it means that your channel has sufficient subscribers or sufficient views.

if you have knowledge about youtube or youtube SEO. then the youtube tutorial channel idea is best for you. The most important thing is that a thousand new youtube channels were created daily. and all these channels want to grow. If they want to grow they search on youtube. and there is a big chance of your video coming to search ranking.


Blogging is the best way to earn money with the help of your knowledge or your article writing skills. If you want to earn more money then you should start blogging. First, we need to understand what blogging is and how we do blogging. Blogging is not a very hard word. It is a very simple word that means to create a website or publish your article. The main thing is how we run our youtube channel by blogging. If you start blogging then you learn a huge amount about and share your knowledge with others on your own youtube channel. It is best to youtube channel ideas without showing your face

If you start blogging then you need a High-level Domain or Best quality Hosting which Store your Data. If you want to purchase a High-level Domain or Best quality hosting then must purchase from Hostinger. WordPress also recommends people to purchase hosting from Hostinger at a very cheap price. If you want to purchase then click on this given link or either click on the image given below. It is a YouTube channel called Ideas 2022.

Live stream

The live stream is the best option to earn money online rapidly from youtube. If you start doing live streaming or you are now doing live stream then you can easily earn money from YouTube without monetizing your channel or without showing ads on your video. Live stream provides one-two special features of youtube: one live chat and another is membership. Mainly gaming channels doing live streams but some technical channels start the live stream. And this is the best channel idea without showing your face.


Vlogging is one of the best youtube channel ideas among all youtube channel ideas. You can now see many big vloggers earn money from just vlogging. The famous tik toker Danish Zehen was the only vlogger. You can also start vlogging from now and buy a mobile phone camera or DSLR camera.

You can easily explore your own city or tourist places of your city. just like religious temples, workplaces, tourist places, museums, and many more attractive places.

Shop Vlogging

shop vlogging is a subpart of vlogging. You can see on youtube many youtube channels publish videos related to shops, markets, wholesale markets, hotels, restaurants, and many more public places. You can now explore public places. It is the best YouTube channel idea for 2022.

Some materials you need to make a shop vlog are a camera, selfie stick, microphone, phone stand. You can purchase these products at a cheap price online or offline. But I suggest that you should purchase these products online because you can easily return, refund, and exchange your products without any problems.

Facts video

You can easily make your own facts channels according to knowledge. The most important thing for a YouTube facts channel is You must have general knowledge. If you have no general knowledge then you do not fear you will get facts from google.

You can easily make or edit your video from mobile by using the kinemaster application. You can easily make Facts videos without showing your face by using stock photos or stock videos available on many websites

Story video and Shorts video

Story video and Shorts video Idea is the very best YouTube channel idea without showing your face on YouTube. This Idea is now adopted by some channels and they can monetize their own YouTube channel. But some problems came during Shorts of song and the problem is you can’t use more than 14s one song in your video.

Many channels download reels to video, Takatak video, Moj video and edit them or make 10 to15 minute videos and publish on your channels. You can easily monetize your channel by seeing YouTube guidelines.

Cooking is the best YouTube channel idea for girls or YouTube channel ideas at home. The new features of YouTube are shorts that are beneficial for the new YouTube channel. The shorts viral your video and may become trending and the most videos of trending related to cooking.

You can also make a cooking YouTube channel and earn money. The read about some YouTube channel ideas 2022, youtube channel ideas without showing your face, youtube channel ideas 2022, youtube channel ideas 2022 in Hindi, youtube channel ideas for kids, youtube channel ideas to make money, youtube channel ideas without voice, youtube channel ideas for girls, youtube channel ideas at home, youtube channel ideas for beginners.

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